Girl Hiking vs. Guy Hiking: An FYI for ma Girls

View from the bottom of grand canyon

Okay, so this is for all my ladies out there. There’s something you need to know.

There is like – a pretty major gap between what girls considering “hiking” and what guys do when they hike.

Girls are all like – Okay I’m gonna throw on my yoga pants and kicks and head up some paved Hollywood hills with my bestie. We’ll get to the top all sweaty and snap some selfies …and then we’ll do lunch.

And then there’s guy hiking which is a lot more along the lines of – Let’s hike down about 2,000 ft for 4 hours into a canyon. Sleep overnight at some camp site and then hike allllll the fucking way back up.

Ya. That was more or less my day last Sunday.

But! I will say that:

1) I knew when I agreed to go on this adventure that I was going with someone far more experienced than me in hiking and I willing jumped in not knowing how intense it may or may not be

2) My hiking partner is extremely considerate of my limits and is prepared for anything.

No we didn’t go all the way to the bottom and round trip what we did probably took us about 6 hrs instead of two days.

BUT had I not been there or had my hiking partner not been as experienced and made me do the whole thing — I woulda been sleeping at the bottom of a canyon.

So be fare warned ladies – on your internet dating profile. When you match with a dude cause you both like hiking…… probably not the same thing.

Jus sayin…


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USA Road Trip Adventures: A Movie Moment


Headed out of Zion NP. By far our favorite on the trip so far. We are both sad to leave so soon but must stick to some sort of timeline since we only have 2 months and there’s so much to see.Zion-NationalPark-Mountainsjpg

We headed through the park and out the east entrance in search of a camp ground for the night.

A State park sign for Pink Sand Dunes pops up so we he head in that direction.

It was a hot day today and the sunset was ablaze to prove it.

We found a little overlook so we stopped. While listening to Louis Armstrong’s Louisiana style jazz we sat on big pink rocks, smoked cigarettes and watched the sky turn all shades of purple, pink, orange and yellow.


Naturally Mickael couldn’t help but go up to the highest point around for the view and I couldn’t help but dance around like a fool listening to sweet jazz that reminds me of my fav American city, New Orleans.

There’s no way to describe it. It was a movie moment. We have had so many of these lately.

The end of the road lead to a sweet camp ground with great private showers. Wow 3 consecutive showers in 3 days. I’m starting to feel spoiled.