Girl Hiking vs. Guy Hiking: An FYI for ma Girls

View from the bottom of grand canyon

Okay, so this is for all my ladies out there. There’s something you need to know.

There is like – a pretty major gap between what girls considering “hiking” and what guys do when they hike.

Girls are all like – Okay I’m gonna throw on my yoga pants and kicks and head up some paved Hollywood hills with my bestie. We’ll get to the top all sweaty and snap some selfies …and then we’ll do lunch.

And then there’s guy hiking which is a lot more along the lines of – Let’s hike down about 2,000 ft for 4 hours into a canyon. Sleep overnight at some camp site and then hike allllll the fucking way back up.

Ya. That was more or less my day last Sunday.

But! I will say that:

1) I knew when I agreed to go on this adventure that I was going with someone far more experienced than me in hiking and I willing jumped in not knowing how intense it may or may not be

2) My hiking partner is extremely considerate of my limits and is prepared for anything.

No we didn’t go all the way to the bottom and round trip what we did probably took us about 6 hrs instead of two days.

BUT had I not been there or had my hiking partner not been as experienced and made me do the whole thing — I woulda been sleeping at the bottom of a canyon.

So be fare warned ladies – on your internet dating profile. When you match with a dude cause you both like hiking…… probably not the same thing.

Jus sayin…


**EXCITING NEWS** Fashion Surprises Inside!!


Soooo! Diane was so happy with my gush over her collection the other day that she’s offering anyone who reads my blog or follows me online Free Shipping on Any order in the next two weeks!

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Diane Kroe – Bubble Dress

USA Road Trip Adventures: A Movie Moment


Headed out of Zion NP. By far our favorite on the trip so far. We are both sad to leave so soon but must stick to some sort of timeline since we only have 2 months and there’s so much to see.Zion-NationalPark-Mountainsjpg

We headed through the park and out the east entrance in search of a camp ground for the night.

A State park sign for Pink Sand Dunes pops up so we he head in that direction.

It was a hot day today and the sunset was ablaze to prove it.

We found a little overlook so we stopped. While listening to Louis Armstrong’s Louisiana style jazz we sat on big pink rocks, smoked cigarettes and watched the sky turn all shades of purple, pink, orange and yellow.


Naturally Mickael couldn’t help but go up to the highest point around for the view and I couldn’t help but dance around like a fool listening to sweet jazz that reminds me of my fav American city, New Orleans.

There’s no way to describe it. It was a movie moment. We have had so many of these lately.

The end of the road lead to a sweet camp ground with great private showers. Wow 3 consecutive showers in 3 days. I’m starting to feel spoiled.

Cruising through Merica all Lush Like in Diane Kroe


In a classic rookie blunder, I wrote this wicked blog about how much I love wearing my Diane Kroe pieces while on this road trip and then I proceeded to lose the post…

Because I’m awesome like that!

But! It’s okay. It’s been at least a week since I wrote that piece and since then the collection has proven itself to me more than ever before.

On a 2 month adventure where my packing needed to be practical and minimal I was still able to bring some glamour bits. Now this is the kicker. I fit eight (yes, 8!!) pieces from Diane’s collection into a mid to large makeup bag. This enabled me to have pretty, silky, feminine outfits on what has so far been a somewhat rugged adventure.

I won’t lie, I’ve been camping in a tent every night, attempting to follow along side my travel companion as we hike mountains and taking showers pretty much anywhere I can swing one.

It’s defiantly been an adventure. I’ve felt out of my comfort zone and inadequate way more than once.

But when we hit the road for a long 10 hour drive to the next national park, I can slip on one of my origami tops or my tube dress and I have a luxury creature comfort from home. Which feels so good while we are cursing through the desert.

When we first rolled up, the heat practically backhanded me in the face. After a long day of driving through random mountains we found a campsite called Sandy Hollow. It was a picturesque manmade reservoir where we camped on a red clay beach.Sandy-Hollow-Camping-Utah

After a couple weeks of rain in Yellowstone NP followed by extreme heat I was finally able to throw on my bikini and splash around in some water.

I threw on my origami top after my water time and proceeded to snap some shots of sunset. It was at that moment I realized. This top is perfect for desert weather. So light weight, soft and breathable. I was so relieved to rediscover the versatility of this collection.


Now, I’m getting ready to head back into Zion for more rocky goodness, hiking and a great many pictures!




In case you were wondering, here’s what I brought with me and managed to fit into a make up bag.

 *New Travel Tube Dress


Can be worn with both sleeves, an off the shoulder one sleeve and tube dress – Can also turn into a tube top and pencil skirt.

*New Flip Suite


A one-piece suite that reverse to pattern on the other side – Can also be flipped down and worn with our bandeau top turning it into a two piece (both in black or print).

Origami Tops


My first loves of this collection in my fav colours. Can be worn as a bat sleeve top, a beach cover up, tube dress and halter-top.

One For All Dress


Just like our one for all top but with a thicker band at the bottom to give it a dress like feel. Can be worn as a sleeveless dress, beach cover or halter.


A scarf, top, halter, cover up, a skirt. You name it the endless does it all.

 Secret sleeves


In case I need to cover my arms or I need a perfect little accent belt.

Eight pieces rolled up and tucked into a make up bag! Pretty amazing stuff!

Utah: Mountain Man Mentality


At this very moment I’m writing as Mickael and I are ripping through some desert mountain roads in Utah.

Where are we? I don’t really know. It seems to be a reoccurring theme on this trip.

Mickael insists I trust his mountain man intuition. I smile somewhat sarcastically and all I can think to say is Okay, Just don’t break the car.

Dear god, don’t break the car. We have a $500 deductible on this bad boy that I do not want to pay if anything get’s fucked up.

I started laughing to myself as I always do. How do I get myself in these situations.

Oh well, sometimes you just need to shut up, hang on and just enjoy the ride.

And can you believe – after an hour of driving around random red clay mountains we come out at the end and there is our destination. Zion National Park East entrance….

Haha! I guess that’s Mountain Man mentality for you. I’m going to have to give him credit for that one.


Two months on the road: fashionista styles

In my last post I revealed I was going on yet another adventure!

It’s no secret. I love to explore and the time has finally arrived.

Two months in a car with a (Damn good looking) fellow world traveller whom I met in Spain last spring. Yeah…. More details on that in my future memoirs 😉 lol

Anyway, we are hitting up tons of places including (but not limited to) Chicago, Yellowstone NP, Zion NP, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree NP, Sequoia NP, then up the coast to San Francisco, Napa Valley, Portland, Olympic NP, finally crossing back into Canada to Vancouver, Vancouver Island, then the Rockies. Because we can’t do all this and not stop in the Rockies!

It’s been a crazy couple months planning for this trip and now it’s down to one of the trickiest tasks. Packing my bag for two months where anything could happen.

Now, I would be the last person to call myself a fashionista. Sure, I’m a model and I work in fashion but I like to think of my wardobe as artsy- classic and I’m hardly concerned about the latest bag or designer brands.

However, after the last few weeks of trying to narrow down what to bring and then discovering  my travelling companion literally packed 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants, I’m starting to acknowledge that fact that I doooo have a bit of an above sverage mad love for my wardobe!

I take pride in my look its no lie and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve narrowed it down to a healty amount of basics that will get me through national parks, desserts and mountains all while looking good. With a few fancy bits thrown in of course 😉

So here is my pack list for 2 months on the road through some of America’s greatest sites!

Shirts & Tanks

I mostly stuck to a rule of three (fuck it, if it’s good enough for most world religions, it’s good enough for me!) because you get a good amount options in basic colours.


I’m sorry but black is my go too so I must have a black option for most of my outfits


And of course a couple long sleeves because sometimes you need to protect yo skin n’ stuff.


Pants & Shorts

We are going places where the weather could change at the drop of a hat and at some points I’m not sure when we will see civilization again lol so I figured it would be smart to have a few options in terms of length and warmth



Warm & Fuzzies


At some point I’ll be in the mountains so I will definitely need some tings to keep me warm. I figured a Hoosier, pullover and some fleece pants would do the trick.

Oooo and I also found this great camping pillowcase that you can stuff you clothes into! So I threw my fuzzies plus my towel into the case and viola!


Camping pillow officially sorted!

So at the end of the day it boiled down to this plus my kicks and flipflops all packed into my trusty Mission pack (that has literally gone around the world with me) with my hiking boots tied up to the front.


I think I got a fair bit of gear in there for the next two months!

When packing for outdoor related adventures its good to stick with lighter, natural colours. Most of the things I packed where beige, blue or khaki – and if corse black because some things I wont compromise! 😉

Ha! And with that in mind…

If your wondering what’s in my little make up bag you’ll have to wait for my next post! No it’s not make up and when I show you what’s in there you’ll be shocked!

The Great American/Canadian Road Trip


Yup, That’s right. I’m traveling again.

Beeeecause I looove this shit maaan!

This trip has been in the works for almost a year now.

It’s safe to say there have been moments (and there still are moments) where I’m completely unsure if it will happen lol.

The plan is to drive from Toronto To Los Angeles and then up the coast to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Up to Vancouver and Vancouver Island then into the Rockies and hopefully up to the Yukon Territories. We have approximately 2 months to do this in.

I’ve been doing a lot to prepare for this. Including getting my drivers license. Between this and work my brain is feeling full on at the moment.

Now, with a month away I have to

Get my G2

Buy a car

Get the car insured

Research rentals as a back up (incase I don’t get my license…I shutter at the thought).

Buy alllll my camping gear

And fine tune the itinerary.

This can all get done in a month right?! :-/

More to come on planning an epic adventure soon!