**EXCITING NEWS** Fashion Surprises Inside!!


Soooo! Diane was so happy with my gush over her collection the other day that she’s offering anyone who reads my blog or follows me online Free Shipping on Any order in the next two weeks!

Check out www.DianeKroe.com and use the promo code FreeTegan for free shipping!

Diane Kroe – Bubble Dress

Cruising through Merica all Lush Like in Diane Kroe


In a classic rookie blunder, I wrote this wicked blog about how much I love wearing my Diane Kroe pieces while on this road trip and then I proceeded to lose the post…

Because I’m awesome like that!

But! It’s okay. It’s been at least a week since I wrote that piece and since then the collection has proven itself to me more than ever before.

On a 2 month adventure where my packing needed to be practical and minimal I was still able to bring some glamour bits. Now this is the kicker. I fit eight (yes, 8!!) pieces from Diane’s collection into a mid to large makeup bag. This enabled me to have pretty, silky, feminine outfits on what has so far been a somewhat rugged adventure.

I won’t lie, I’ve been camping in a tent every night, attempting to follow along side my travel companion as we hike mountains and taking showers pretty much anywhere I can swing one.

It’s defiantly been an adventure. I’ve felt out of my comfort zone and inadequate way more than once.

But when we hit the road for a long 10 hour drive to the next national park, I can slip on one of my origami tops or my tube dress and I have a luxury creature comfort from home. Which feels so good while we are cursing through the desert.

When we first rolled up, the heat practically backhanded me in the face. After a long day of driving through random mountains we found a campsite called Sandy Hollow. It was a picturesque manmade reservoir where we camped on a red clay beach.Sandy-Hollow-Camping-Utah

After a couple weeks of rain in Yellowstone NP followed by extreme heat I was finally able to throw on my bikini and splash around in some water.

I threw on my origami top after my water time and proceeded to snap some shots of sunset. It was at that moment I realized. This top is perfect for desert weather. So light weight, soft and breathable. I was so relieved to rediscover the versatility of this collection.


Now, I’m getting ready to head back into Zion for more rocky goodness, hiking and a great many pictures!




In case you were wondering, here’s what I brought with me and managed to fit into a make up bag.

 *New Travel Tube Dress


Can be worn with both sleeves, an off the shoulder one sleeve and tube dress – Can also turn into a tube top and pencil skirt.

*New Flip Suite


A one-piece suite that reverse to pattern on the other side – Can also be flipped down and worn with our bandeau top turning it into a two piece (both in black or print).

Origami Tops


My first loves of this collection in my fav colours. Can be worn as a bat sleeve top, a beach cover up, tube dress and halter-top.

One For All Dress


Just like our one for all top but with a thicker band at the bottom to give it a dress like feel. Can be worn as a sleeveless dress, beach cover or halter.


A scarf, top, halter, cover up, a skirt. You name it the endless does it all.

 Secret sleeves


In case I need to cover my arms or I need a perfect little accent belt.

Eight pieces rolled up and tucked into a make up bag! Pretty amazing stuff!

The Juice Cleanse: A Bit of a Rant But Mostly a Review


So what is it with these juice cleanses anyway? What’s the big deal and what are the general public opinions on the topic?

From what I can tell, there seems to be two trains of thought that fall into the

“I swear by them” category

and the

“ Juice cleanses are bullshit” category

Both are very strong opinions and for those of you who know me, you know I don’t do well with those!

Juice Cleanse Overview:


The whole idea behind a juice cleanse is that it will aid in cleansing and flushing your body of stored up “waste” that has gotten “stuck” in you digestive tract.

For a more thorough explanation check out this video from Pulp Kitchen, which is where I purchased my cleanse (via the all mighty Toronto Groupon).

The Opposing Argument: 


Now the opposition addresses the fact that the body already has built in filtration systems. This includes our best friend the liver and it’s back up band the lymphatic system.  Those who say neh to juice cleanses feel that our built in system is more than efficient at filtering all the broken down booze, poutines, cheese, bacon, burgers, baked goods and any other foods us 20 somethings consume. They also believe that those who do juice cleanses only feel better afterward because they are reintroducing food back into their systems.

And With That in Mind, I Must Take a Moment To Rant:

I’m sorry! To be honest I didn’t realize that (up until 2 years ago) I was the only person in the city in my 20’s totally not giving a flying fuck about what I put into my body.

Ha! I guess I was actually alone all of those nights I spent going out to party and drink, followed by days of eating shitty, greasy, fatty, sugary (delicious) brunch.

I suppose it was also just me ordering take out food or eating whatever contents I found in my cupboards when I came home from work exhausted – almost every day.

My Bad…


So Why am I Being a Sarcastic Dick About The Opposing Argument?

Well, most people I’ve met who spew sarcastic facts condemning juice cleanses tend to party a lot harder, consume a lot of more of god only knows and are bonafide workaholics

And you know what. There’s totally nothing wrong with that. Hell, that’s what youth is for! Work hard, party harder.

But I figured it was only fair that I get on their level for a sec and speak their language. Excuse me if I can’t take your rants against juice cleanses seriously when

A) I doubt time has been taken from busy schedules to understand more about the bodies filtration systems and how strong/fragile they can actually be.

B) The actualization of what the body feels inside when it’s “clean” hasn’t happened for them yet…(again, these things take time and attention so if you’re too busy not giving a shit, you probably don’t even realize).

C) Generally, the people telling me cleanses are bullshit are people who don’t put their health on the top of their priority list.

Soooooo…. whhhhy would I listen or even validate that argument?!

Note: Of course these are generalizations based on my experience and I would happily listen or learn from anyone well versed in health who agrees with the opposition.

The Reality As Per Me: I think it’s pretty straight forward.

Yes, our bodies do have strong built in systems designed to filter out toxins.

However, the amount of toxins the average person introduces into their body daily is probably a hell of a lot more than our ancestors had and thus more then our fragile system could be designed for.

Ya, I know we grow and adapt over time but seriously, for a second ask yourself…

What do you eat daily? How much of that is natural? How much of it has been processed or modified in some way? Do you even know? Do you even know what that means? Or the difference between the two?

Just in Case – Processed Food – Genetically Modified Food –

And now, you’re going to tell me after an honest look at what you consume, that it’s completely impossible that after 20-30+ years your bodies filtration system does not run a risk of exhaustion? And while we are at it, you’re going to tell me it doesn’t deserve some consideration and attention because it’s “good at it’s job”?

I’m sorry, that kind of sounds like a crappy corporation to me.

So basically, if you don’t even take the time to consider these things  – you’re being a shitty boss to your body. Think about it.

Also, let’s talk about the nutrients in fresh, organic fruit and veggies. We all know they are jam packed with goodness.

Actually, it’s one of the few things in this world that isn’t really disputed.

That’s why are parents tried to get us to eat so many. If you look at alternative forms of health they break down all of the nutrients in detail and explain their healing qualities.

To me it seems like intuitive logic. Of course organic, natural fruits and veg are full of things that will aid the body.

In my opinion, it seems like these two arguments break down into those who are content with the philosophies of “modern” medicine and those who are not and look for “alternative” solutions.

Now, I’m not saying you have to do cleanses. I don’t believe in that – at all and to be honest if you’re intaking lots of healthy fruits and veg already, chances are maybe a juice cleanse isn’t needed for you.

Everybody is different. Some people can go there whole life intaking our new levels of toxins, pollutants, processed and modified foods and not have a problem.

Others like myself who haven’t always put the best things in their bodies have discovered that constant fatigue, cravings, shitty sleep and many other things we think are normal, actually aren’t. We’ve acknowledged the message that we could feel better than we do and are therefore open to trying new things.

Personally, I’ve struggled with digestive health for years, so it’s a no brainer that eventually I would look beyond conventional methods for something that actually works for me.

I’ve been wanting to try a juice cleanse for a while – but the idea of eating no food for days has always unnerved me. I was pretty sure I would murder someone… or two.

However, after my nutritionist told me my liver could use some restoration time I decided to take it into consideration.

So I bought Pulp Kitchen 3 day juice cleanse just so I could test this whole process and see if it was actually beneficial. I figured this would be a nice way to ease myself into it and a short enough period that I could handle.

Here is a brief account of my 3 day cleanse:

Day 1: A total Mind Fuck

I spent most of my morning strictly in panic over whether I could do 3 days with no food. I obsessed over food almost every waking minute and therefore spent too much time on Pintrest looking at foodporn. By mid day I felt pretty exhausted and thought I’d have to spent the following two days stuck in bed.

Day 2: The Worst Was Over

I started to feel pretty icky on the second morning. However, once I had my juice and a litre of water the feeling totally dissipated. By the afternoon I actually felt wonderful. I was full of energy and realizing how much of my attachment to food was in my mind. I felt really good putting all this healthyness into my body. However, I was still looking forward to that last day. I was excited for it to be over.

Day 3: Wow That Worked Fast

What a mind game this was for me. As per most fears, it was all in my head. My body handled the cleanse really well. I felt great and had tons of energy. Also, my natural concentration levels where sky high. Higher then they ever are!

I decided to go buy groceries on day 3 so I would have a healthy food integration the following days. I was very surprised when I felt completely unaffected at the market. I wasn’t hungry and I no longer wanted the cleanse to be over. I wanted to opposite. I could have easily done another 2 days…maybe more.

By the end of my cleanse people were making comments left right and centre about my skin. I was kind of surprised since it was only a few days – but it seems like everyone saw a difference…

Oh and ladies…I was legit glowing…like my shoulders had a natural sheen to them…it was crazy!


At the end of the day you’ve got to do what feels right for you. I’ve tried shit like the master cleanse before and failed after a day – but a juice cleanse with proper juices to help regulate your hormones, sugar intake and cravings, I think, is the way to go 100%

Important to remember:

Drink 3-6 litre of water a day. I know that sounds mental. And you should really gage how much water you consume based on varying factors (height, weight etc.) but I find that 6 litre was what I needed. Our bodies can dehydrate very easily (so easily we don’t even realize). There are so many benefits to staying hydrated and all that water will help to flush the active ingredients in the juices through you system giving it a good clean out.

Tip: Try getting a water bottle with a straw built into it. You’d be amazing at how fast you can down 500ml when a straw is involved.

I’m defiantly feeling positive about the cleanse. I’ll happily do another one this summer and I would love to extend it to a 5 or 7 day.

So as a wrap up…

I’ll say the cleanse was great for me even though I had mad fear that it wouldn’t be. Now, because I have successfully gone through the process I will do it again and probably blatantly ignore anyone who is trying to knock it down when they have never tried it and don’t really know what’s going on in their own bodies!!

Happy Juicing Peeps!

Santa Monica Highlights

Tegan in Serious Beach Love in Santa Monica

I’ll be honest. Overall, it’s not really my cup of tea.

Which is probably why I’ve struggled so long with this post. I had feelings that I needed to work through hahaha!

General first impressions of Hollywood – Not so hot on all fronts…

I’ve scribbled almost three pages about what I disliked and what was worth the trip but now that most of my feelings are resolved, I’d rather focus on the great points and people I met 🙂

Here is a list of my Cali highlights. The rest, just ain’t worth the time 😉

A Well Deserved Swaze Moment:

Can you tell how utterly in love I am?!

Legit, this is probably unimportant to anyone except myself. However, Patrick Swayze circa Dirty Dancing & Point Break was my first man crush.

Basically, all the men in my life secretly get a Swaze match up. Are they soulful? Do they believe in deeper meanings? Can they surf? Can they dance? Do they rob banks to fund their endless summer…?

Hahaha just kidding…but seriously. As a young girl I was so deeply in love with this dude that I actually cried when he passed away (R.I.P. my love!)

Ummm…Yes Please…?!

Needless to say the Swaze star made my first day in Hollywood well worth it.

That and fucking around with the Scientology people 😀

Hiking the Hollywood Hills:


I was a bit concerned about getting some exercise in while I was away. I feel like working out while traveling can be tricky. Luckily we decided to walk up the Hollywood Hills and scope out what all the rich people are always going on about. We took the long way up,  It was kinda dry but man, what a view.


Actually, that theme came up a lot while I was in LA 😉

That Moment When you Meet ” Your People”:

By reservation only yo

I’m a firm believer that “my people” are international. I know this because I meet them pretty much everywhere I go. We see each other. Our eyes lock, and you just know.

Now, Hollywood quickly made me feel like my people didn’t exist there. That is, until we met Panda.

Kind of obvious why Tiffany and I nicknamed him Panda. I hope.

An up and comer entrepreneur, this guy is about to launch an Auto related business like no other. I will defiantly share more soon.

Sergio was the absolute bomb to us. He totally hooked us up with all the things that made Socal fun! Great events, amazing music and a very chill crew of people that were defiantly on the same page as Tiff and I. Oh! and did I mention epic dance offs? Ya that happened too!


Including the ever impressive Yaarrohs who I raved about in one of my earlier posts.

Quality Beach Time:


I wish I could say the weather was bliss while we were in Socal. Unfortualty it seems like we happened to arrive during the one gray ass overcast week they had! Just our luck!

But on the bright side, if there’s one thing my best friend and I love, it’s taking photos. Photos of evvverrrything! All the stormy clouds made for some seriously dramatically lit photos!


So it was kinda chilly, but epic none the less!

Real Sunshine and Real Ocean Time:

Finally on our last day we got some well deserved sun and therefore some welllll deserved beach time. Obviously, we took full advantage!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Soooo here’s a bunch of them!

wpid-wp-1432000342665.jpeg Tiffany-Smith-Aura-Atelier  Tegan-Aileen-Diane-Kroe

Tiffany-Smith-Aura-Atelier-Selfie wpid-wp-1432000312855.jpeg

Tiffany and I also had a bit of a secret mission on this trip. We had been tasked to do a photoshoot for some upcoming exclusive pieces for Diane Kroe’s new spring launch.

Here’s a sneak peak of the incredibly cool pieces I wore for the shoot.

This dress has 10 neckline styles and reverses to print on the other side!

Expect much more on Diane Kroe soon!!!

A Special Thank You:

To those of you who my trip to Socal worth while! Thanks Tiffany, Panda and all of the cali readers who reached out to me!

It was so inspiring to me to know that people out that way were digging my blog. You have no idea how much your comments and direct messages mean to me! 🙂 ❤

Catch ya on the flip ppl!


Major Lazer = Workout Mix for a BOSS

Okay, so this mix just got me so pumped I had to share! It’s by far the best workout mix I have found to date. Major Lazer is TOTALLY my workout jam and believe me – this shit will bring you back (Why hello Confusion, it’s been a while and it seems I’ve forgotten what a bad ass track you were) and keep you going the whole 45 minutes.

Strong Recommend – Especially 16:00-25:00 – Amazballs

An Update!

I’ll keep it short and sweet. 

Winter blows in Canada. S.A.D. (seasonal effects disorder) got the best of me in February.

My trip to Miami got cancelled, my awesome sauce roomie moved out and it was my birthday (Ghuuuhh)

I was seriously sad as hell but somehow managed to haul my ass to boot camp 3 days a week at 6am in the dark.

The results are legit and I have an epically long follow up to share!

All in all things are amping up and getting crazy busy. Spring is in the air and it’s making us Torontonians antsy!

There’s a lot of goodness coming this way so check it 😉 

Holiday Struggles: An Update :)

Well Then, last time I wrote I was feeling impatient out of control, which I really hate [10 points]. I was on a holiday stress spiral.


The holidays where looming over my head. Yes I know, they are about family and spending time together and love and happiness – yada yada yada. I get that. Most years I’m on board with that.

This year however, I was feeling more anxiety than anything. Sometimes you have an off Christmas. Sometimes people just don’t like it at all. The older you get the more like work holidays become.

So there I was, stressed to shit with not even a drop of snow to get me feeling festive and off I went back home.

 Ready To Eat all the Fucking Stuffing


I am quite happy to say things turned out much better than I expected. My Mama is officially on board with me in my eating clean journey. I was so happy to come home to a Christmas Eve dinner that consisted of free range chicken, gluten-free stuffing, dairy free mashed potatoes and a yummy greek salad (like legit greek salad. No lettuce in that B) OH! And she even made a gluten-free apple pie (which I murdered) that she sweetened with coconut sugar instead of refined. YUM

Check me out on Instagram at Tegan_Aileen

So Christmas was off to a relatively good start. I knew while making the rounds with some of my family that it wouldn’t be quite so catered but it was Christmas. You gotta give a little. I personally feel there’s no sense in pushing my personal health agenda down the throats of my family. Why not just enjoy the time.

So I made an agreement with myself that I would not deprive myself of my aunts creamy mashed potatoes and gravy but I would just take a bit and that I wouldn’t stuff myself beyond belief.

Truth: I’ve had a legit intolerance to diary since birth. Now that diary has been cut out of my life almost completely, I feel it straight away even when I have a little. So my idea to moderate myself kiiinda worked…but after about 30 mins I could feel the pain and bloating kick in.

Needless to say, that was the beginning of the end over the next two days in terms of my healthy eating regime.

I had already broke through with creamy mash and gravy…then I went to stay at my friend’s house. We’ve been friends since grade 6 and she’s like family to me…and she made lobster mac and cheese. Tell me, after already breaking the dairy rule, that I wasn’t gonna eat that mac and cheese?! Hells to the No – I defiantly was. There was no question in my mind and I tell you now it was amazballs!

Of course I seriously suffered from the 25th-27th…but it was in the name of Christmas!


On the 27th my best friend and I went to visit my girl Miss M. She’s 12 and I’m kind of mentoring her. I’m not going to give too many details on her aside from that fact that she’s a little fashionista and we are friends before I’m her mentor. Or at least that’s how I feel.

Her parents are on board with the living clean goal and made us an incredible lunch that was kind of just what my body needed. Light and full of good things that made my tummy happy. 

I was home for 5 days. Out of those five days I cheated pretty severely 2 of those days…not bad at all I’m thinking. The beauty of it all is that it’s just really motivated me to get back on track right away.


Segway to my Announcement:

Well Then is a new endeavour for me. At this time it’s a lot of journaling my feelings and experiences but I want to mix the format up a bit and try new things that can really engage people in internet land who might come across it. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a Pinterest fiend. It’s my source of inspiration for almost everything. If you’re a Pinterest junkie like me you know about a bajillion DIY projects on everything from home decor to detoxing.

So in the upcoming days, weeks, whatever I’m going to be adding posts about my experiences with some of these DIYs from other health blogs online as well as some new stuff that I’m looking into 🙂 

All in all I’m happy to say that the gloomy x-mas cloud that was looming over my head has finaaaaalllly lifted and I’m seriously looking forward to a healthy and fit 2015!