Santa Monica Highlights

Tegan in Serious Beach Love in Santa Monica

I’ll be honest. Overall, it’s not really my cup of tea.

Which is probably why I’ve struggled so long with this post. I had feelings that I needed to work through hahaha!

General first impressions of Hollywood – Not so hot on all fronts…

I’ve scribbled almost three pages about what I disliked and what was worth the trip but now that most of my feelings are resolved, I’d rather focus on the great points and people I met 🙂

Here is a list of my Cali highlights. The rest, just ain’t worth the time 😉

A Well Deserved Swaze Moment:

Can you tell how utterly in love I am?!

Legit, this is probably unimportant to anyone except myself. However, Patrick Swayze circa Dirty Dancing & Point Break was my first man crush.

Basically, all the men in my life secretly get a Swaze match up. Are they soulful? Do they believe in deeper meanings? Can they surf? Can they dance? Do they rob banks to fund their endless summer…?

Hahaha just kidding…but seriously. As a young girl I was so deeply in love with this dude that I actually cried when he passed away (R.I.P. my love!)

Ummm…Yes Please…?!

Needless to say the Swaze star made my first day in Hollywood well worth it.

That and fucking around with the Scientology people 😀

Hiking the Hollywood Hills:


I was a bit concerned about getting some exercise in while I was away. I feel like working out while traveling can be tricky. Luckily we decided to walk up the Hollywood Hills and scope out what all the rich people are always going on about. We took the long way up,  It was kinda dry but man, what a view.


Actually, that theme came up a lot while I was in LA 😉

That Moment When you Meet ” Your People”:

By reservation only yo

I’m a firm believer that “my people” are international. I know this because I meet them pretty much everywhere I go. We see each other. Our eyes lock, and you just know.

Now, Hollywood quickly made me feel like my people didn’t exist there. That is, until we met Panda.

Kind of obvious why Tiffany and I nicknamed him Panda. I hope.

An up and comer entrepreneur, this guy is about to launch an Auto related business like no other. I will defiantly share more soon.

Sergio was the absolute bomb to us. He totally hooked us up with all the things that made Socal fun! Great events, amazing music and a very chill crew of people that were defiantly on the same page as Tiff and I. Oh! and did I mention epic dance offs? Ya that happened too!


Including the ever impressive Yaarrohs who I raved about in one of my earlier posts.

Quality Beach Time:


I wish I could say the weather was bliss while we were in Socal. Unfortualty it seems like we happened to arrive during the one gray ass overcast week they had! Just our luck!

But on the bright side, if there’s one thing my best friend and I love, it’s taking photos. Photos of evvverrrything! All the stormy clouds made for some seriously dramatically lit photos!


So it was kinda chilly, but epic none the less!

Real Sunshine and Real Ocean Time:

Finally on our last day we got some well deserved sun and therefore some welllll deserved beach time. Obviously, we took full advantage!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Soooo here’s a bunch of them!

wpid-wp-1432000342665.jpeg Tiffany-Smith-Aura-Atelier  Tegan-Aileen-Diane-Kroe

Tiffany-Smith-Aura-Atelier-Selfie wpid-wp-1432000312855.jpeg

Tiffany and I also had a bit of a secret mission on this trip. We had been tasked to do a photoshoot for some upcoming exclusive pieces for Diane Kroe’s new spring launch.

Here’s a sneak peak of the incredibly cool pieces I wore for the shoot.

This dress has 10 neckline styles and reverses to print on the other side!

Expect much more on Diane Kroe soon!!!

A Special Thank You:

To those of you who my trip to Socal worth while! Thanks Tiffany, Panda and all of the cali readers who reached out to me!

It was so inspiring to me to know that people out that way were digging my blog. You have no idea how much your comments and direct messages mean to me! 🙂 ❤

Catch ya on the flip ppl!



A Sunny Day In Santa Monica

Checking in from Sunny Santa Monica! To be fair, it’s the first sunny day we’ve had since we got here. It’s funny, it seems like it takes about 4 days to really settle in anywhere, and before you know it – you’re trip is half done…Hmm I wonder if I could squeeze another week in…

My travel buddy and I spent the first two days in West Hollywood. We did the touristy thing, walked the famed walk and hiked up some hills around Hollywood. Very cool city indeed. Even met some “interesting” characters during a night out on Sunset.

I will say Santa Monica is way more my speed! It’s beautiful, great to wander around in…beaches and good food…totally my style!

Cali has an Uber option called Uber Pool!

Toronto – we need to get this. You know, whenever the city of Toronto stops being shitty about it all.

Tiff and I made new friends!! An Entrepreneur and a heart  surgeon hahaha and that combination alone is why Uber Pool is boss!

We were lucky enough to get invited out by our amazballs driver to a sweet event last night held by the Luminous Movement. I got to catch Yaarrohs’ (a.k.a. my new girl crush) set and I’m seriiiiiously digging her.Defiantly another highly recommended import!

Now this morning, after a decent hangover and a good 30 minutes of skips and planks it’s time to catch up on some work and then hopefully scout some beach locations!!

More soon!