Cruising through Merica all Lush Like in Diane Kroe

In a classic rookie blunder, I wrote this wicked blog about how much I love wearing my Diane Kroe pieces while on this road trip and then I proceeded to lose the post…

Because I’m awesome like that!

But! It’s okay. It’s been at least a week since I wrote that piece and since then the collection has proven itself to me more than ever before.

On a 2 month adventure where my packing needed to be practical and minimal I was still able to bring some glamour bits. Now this is the kicker. I fit eight (yes, 8!!) pieces from Diane’s collection into a mid to large makeup bag. This enabled me to have pretty, silky, feminine outfits on what has so far been a somewhat rugged adventure.

I won’t lie, I’ve been camping in a tent every night, attempting to follow along side my travel companion as we hike mountains and taking showers pretty much anywhere I can swing one.

It’s defiantly been an adventure. I’ve felt out of my comfort zone and inadequate way more than once.

But when we hit the road for a long 10 hour drive to the next national park, I can slip on one of my origami tops or my tube dress and I have a luxury creature comfort from home. Which feels so good while we are cursing through the desert.

When we first rolled up, the heat practically backhanded me in the face. After a long day of driving through random mountains we found a campsite called Sandy Hollow. It was a picturesque manmade reservoir where we camped on a red clay beach.Sandy-Hollow-Camping-Utah

After a couple weeks of rain in Yellowstone NP followed by extreme heat I was finally able to throw on my bikini and splash around in some water.

I threw on my origami top after my water time and proceeded to snap some shots of sunset. It was at that moment I realized. This top is perfect for desert weather. So light weight, soft and breathable. I was so relieved to rediscover the versatility of this collection.


Now, I’m getting ready to head back into Zion for more rocky goodness, hiking and a great many pictures!




In case you were wondering, here’s what I brought with me and managed to fit into a make up bag.

 *New Travel Tube Dress


Can be worn with both sleeves, an off the shoulder one sleeve and tube dress – Can also turn into a tube top and pencil skirt.

*New Flip Suite


A one-piece suite that reverse to pattern on the other side – Can also be flipped down and worn with our bandeau top turning it into a two piece (both in black or print).

Origami Tops


My first loves of this collection in my fav colours. Can be worn as a bat sleeve top, a beach cover up, tube dress and halter-top.

One For All Dress


Just like our one for all top but with a thicker band at the bottom to give it a dress like feel. Can be worn as a sleeveless dress, beach cover or halter.


A scarf, top, halter, cover up, a skirt. You name it the endless does it all.

 Secret sleeves


In case I need to cover my arms or I need a perfect little accent belt.

Eight pieces rolled up and tucked into a make up bag! Pretty amazing stuff!


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