Utah: Mountain Man Mentality

At this very moment I’m writing as Mickael and I are ripping through some desert mountain roads in Utah.

Where are we? I don’t really know. It seems to be a reoccurring theme on this trip.

Mickael insists I trust his mountain man intuition. I smile somewhat sarcastically and all I can think to say is Okay, Just don’t break the car.

Dear god, don’t break the car. We have a $500 deductible on this bad boy that I do not want to pay if anything get’s fucked up.

I started laughing to myself as I always do. How do I get myself in these situations.

Oh well, sometimes you just need to shut up, hang on and just enjoy the ride.

And can you believe – after an hour of driving around random red clay mountains we come out at the end and there is our destination. Zion National Park East entrance….

Haha! I guess that’s Mountain Man mentality for you. I’m going to have to give him credit for that one.



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