Two months on the road: fashionista styles

In my last post I revealed I was going on yet another adventure!

It’s no secret. I love to explore and the time has finally arrived.

Two months in a car with a (Damn good looking) fellow world traveller whom I met in Spain last spring. Yeah…. More details on that in my future memoirs 😉 lol

Anyway, we are hitting up tons of places including (but not limited to) Chicago, Yellowstone NP, Zion NP, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree NP, Sequoia NP, then up the coast to San Francisco, Napa Valley, Portland, Olympic NP, finally crossing back into Canada to Vancouver, Vancouver Island, then the Rockies. Because we can’t do all this and not stop in the Rockies!

It’s been a crazy couple months planning for this trip and now it’s down to one of the trickiest tasks. Packing my bag for two months where anything could happen.

Now, I would be the last person to call myself a fashionista. Sure, I’m a model and I work in fashion but I like to think of my wardobe as artsy- classic and I’m hardly concerned about the latest bag or designer brands.

However, after the last few weeks of trying to narrow down what to bring and then discovering  my travelling companion literally packed 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants, I’m starting to acknowledge that fact that I doooo have a bit of an above sverage mad love for my wardobe!

I take pride in my look its no lie and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve narrowed it down to a healty amount of basics that will get me through national parks, desserts and mountains all while looking good. With a few fancy bits thrown in of course 😉

So here is my pack list for 2 months on the road through some of America’s greatest sites!

Shirts & Tanks

I mostly stuck to a rule of three (fuck it, if it’s good enough for most world religions, it’s good enough for me!) because you get a good amount options in basic colours.


I’m sorry but black is my go too so I must have a black option for most of my outfits


And of course a couple long sleeves because sometimes you need to protect yo skin n’ stuff.


Pants & Shorts

We are going places where the weather could change at the drop of a hat and at some points I’m not sure when we will see civilization again lol so I figured it would be smart to have a few options in terms of length and warmth



Warm & Fuzzies


At some point I’ll be in the mountains so I will definitely need some tings to keep me warm. I figured a Hoosier, pullover and some fleece pants would do the trick.

Oooo and I also found this great camping pillowcase that you can stuff you clothes into! So I threw my fuzzies plus my towel into the case and viola!


Camping pillow officially sorted!

So at the end of the day it boiled down to this plus my kicks and flipflops all packed into my trusty Mission pack (that has literally gone around the world with me) with my hiking boots tied up to the front.


I think I got a fair bit of gear in there for the next two months!

When packing for outdoor related adventures its good to stick with lighter, natural colours. Most of the things I packed where beige, blue or khaki – and if corse black because some things I wont compromise! 😉

Ha! And with that in mind…

If your wondering what’s in my little make up bag you’ll have to wait for my next post! No it’s not make up and when I show you what’s in there you’ll be shocked!


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