New Photoshoot With White Cedar!

Many of you may not know this but I actually started this blog as a means to give me honest, real opinion about a few things that are on the minds of many women out there.

Health, Fitness and living a full “Well” life are goals for many of us.

But in reality we all have a lot going on and trying to balance these things for anyone can be tricky to say the least!

So! I wanted to put it out there. An honest look at tryna get it all done.

I’ve been a full figured model since 2010. I’ve been blessed to work with fantastic agents, amazing photographers and gifted designers. All of whom encouraged me to be my tall ass curvy self in an industry where a size 2 is the norm.

It hasn’t been without it’s hurdles – I am the average woman’s size (10-14 on any given day). Even in a new fashion industry the encourages diversity it can be challenging as an “average size” model. However, it was my whole inspiration behind this blog.

Legit – I’m you lol.

I have another job. I have to pay my rent on time and I am constantly trying to grow and better myself. With that in mind I started this blog to give an honest, kinda cheeky look at these topics.

Recently, I’ve been getting my health on big time. I had taken some time from modelling to work and travel. Now, I am slowing reintroducing myself back into the scene and by doing so have had the opportunity to work with some more incredible people.

At the end of April I did a wonderful photoshoot with Catherine Oshanek of White Cedar. 

Not only is she a very gifted photographer but Catherine’s own story is  very inspiring!

She’s won numerous awards in photography and started an inedible campaign that supports young people struggling with bullying. Check out I’ve been bullied here.

It’s people like Catherine that have kept me in the modelling industry. Their drive and ability to break outside the box never ceases to encourage and inspire me to put my curvy self forward!

And now with out further ado here are some amazing new images courtesy of Catherine and White Cedar 🙂

Tegan Aileen's Shoot with White Cedar  Tegan Aileen shooting with Catherine Oshanek

Tegan-Aileen-Modeling for White-Cedar   Tegan-Aileen-Full-sized-model

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One thought on “New Photoshoot With White Cedar!

  1. Love your idea of blogging being a means to be honest. I am more honest about my world in my blog then in my real life. Your photos are beautiful and you have been blessed with an amazing unique figure!


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