The Great American/Canadian Road Trip

Yup, That’s right. I’m traveling again.

Beeeecause I looove this shit maaan!

This trip has been in the works for almost a year now.

It’s safe to say there have been moments (and there still are moments) where I’m completely unsure if it will happen lol.

The plan is to drive from Toronto To Los Angeles and then up the coast to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Up to Vancouver and Vancouver Island then into the Rockies and hopefully up to the Yukon Territories. We have approximately 2 months to do this in.

I’ve been doing a lot to prepare for this. Including getting my drivers license. Between this and work my brain is feeling full on at the moment.

Now, with a month away I have to

Get my G2

Buy a car

Get the car insured

Research rentals as a back up (incase I don’t get my license…I shutter at the thought).

Buy alllll my camping gear

And fine tune the itinerary.

This can all get done in a month right?! :-/

More to come on planning an epic adventure soon!


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