Getting Back on the Workout Wagon

Okay, sooo I did that whole 3 month fitness challenge … We all know how that went (in case you don’t – it was awesome).

But afterward I had a dying urge to take a break -so I did.

Because I believe in doing what feels good for you! I took 1.5 months off (almost).

There where a few things here and there that you could put into the fitness category but in actuality I just spent sometime enjoying the freaking glorious weather we’ve been having.

The world slowed ever so slightly and I just wanted to go with the flow.

This week I started back on my workout schedule. I was really surprised, even though I took all this time off, I got back into it very easily. I expected to hate every second and just cop out…but some how I kept going.

Here’s a breakdown of what I’m doing to get back into routine this week.

200 Skips

20 crunches on stability ball

20 twist crunches on stability ball

10 lower ab crunches (cause those always slay me)

20 squats (with 15lb weight)

20 leg extensions per side

20 ass pulses per side ( I have no idea what these are really called lol)

2 20 second planks

Repeated 3 times in total

End with 100 skips while wearing 5 lb ankle weights on each ankle.


What do you think? I think it’s pretty good start 😉


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