A Sunny Day In Santa Monica

Checking in from Sunny Santa Monica! To be fair, it’s the first sunny day we’ve had since we got here. It’s funny, it seems like it takes about 4 days to really settle in anywhere, and before you know it – you’re trip is half done…Hmm I wonder if I could squeeze another week in…

My travel buddy and I spent the first two days in West Hollywood. We did the touristy thing, walked the famed walk and hiked up some hills around Hollywood. Very cool city indeed. Even met some “interesting” characters during a night out on Sunset.

I will say Santa Monica is way more my speed! It’s beautiful, great to wander around in…beaches and good food…totally my style!

Cali has an Uber option called Uber Pool!

Toronto – we need to get this. You know, whenever the city of Toronto stops being shitty about it all.

Tiff and I made new friends!! An Entrepreneur and a heart  surgeon hahaha and that combination alone is why Uber Pool is boss!

We were lucky enough to get invited out by our amazballs driver to a sweet event last night held by the Luminous Movement. I got to catch Yaarrohs’ (a.k.a. my new girl crush) set and I’m seriiiiiously digging her.Defiantly another highly recommended import!


Now this morning, after a decent hangover and a good 30 minutes of skips and planks it’s time to catch up on some work and then hopefully scout some beach locations!!

More soon!


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