It Takes a Snowfall: OOAKS14

It takes a snowfall to make me feel like I really have time to sit down and catch up. This is a new blog but already I had some challenges come my way.

Ok so, before I start spout random musings, here’s a quick overview.

  • Started training for a week
  • Started a 14 day modelling gig at The One of a Kind Show Toronto (Yey!) 
  • Failed to make it to all other training sessions for the entirety of the show.
  • Even failed on the food and money end of things too!
  • Managed to kind of get that area in check mid way through

So image it. Going from working out every other day, eating super clean and feeling pretty good to no fitness at all (aside from 8-10 hrs on ma feet), eating food that is questionable at best, and being exhausted the majority of the time. 

Needless to say for minute I was stressing about the situation on top of everything else. 

I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one this happens too. You get going good for a while and then you fall off.

Oh and then there’s winter! Not like, la dee da winter but legit Canadian Winter. Up to your knees in snow winter. I know I’m no one to talk seeing as I’m in S. Ontario but seriously. Makes you wanna make every night a Netflix night. 

I’m seriously lacking motivation at the moment. That being said, I think it stopped being about motivation a while ago and developed into some hybrid version of determination. 

I’m determined to start again. I’m determined to make the activities I do a genuine part of my every day life and I’m determined to defeat the pessimistic mentality I adapt…especially in the winter. 

I decided I’m not going to beat myself up over a week or two of chaos. I like chaos! I love the busy buzz of people and I finally saw behind the scenes of OOAKS (a show that signifies christmas for me). Over all I had a blast and made some incredible friends.

Now, after a few days of needed R&R I’m getting ready to get it all on the move again. So far even this week clean food is back and I’m probably doing better than before. 

We will see how this holds up over Christmas. It’s a time of year when the strongest fall…lol. I guess we will see how that goes!

More Randomness about OOAKS14 to come! 


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