It’s an Introduction Guys!

Straight up –  I am a Convert to These Mysteries we call Fitness, Health and Wellness. 

I grew up always feeling at odds…with pretty much everything. What can I say? It’s a classic story. I was the tall, kinda-curvy-for-my-age kid with the only unmarried parents in my Catholic school. I’m not gonna get into a big mushy rant about it but basically life wasn’t exactly normal…ever.

Ha! When I switched schools in grade 3, there were rumours that I had been held back a couple grades. Boys used to call me Green Giant. Ya, after the dude on the can of beans. I shit you not. :-/  Without knowing or understanding, I had a mad body image complex very early on. This is a complex I’ve struggled with for most of my life.

It’s been so much more than a struggle to loose weight or feel comfortable in a pair of heels. It’s been a fight against an image and ideas that were forced on me.  If you do these things and become these things, life will get easier and people will like you. To be honest, that was always the problem. Those ideas were always forced on me, which really pissed me off even before I really understood what being pissed off meant. 

Now in my late 20’s fitness and health have become HUGE priorities in my life. So much so that I am completely shifting my lifestyle. Part of me feels like I didn’t have to go through that metal battle – if I had just listened to what people told me to do from the beginning I would have gotten to this place sooner. This is of course total bull.

The truth is, I always shied away from fitness because of the convoluted messages that sometimes surround the industry. Luckily now we are in a “wellness revolution”. Currently, it can be about a lot more than just getting jacked. It’s about over all optimal health. Unfortunatly growing up, it was all about getting fit to look fit, playing sports to be competitive and look fit. Be a show off. Blah blah blah – Look at this jacked-ness… Bleh! 

And to be honest, that’s never really been my style.

So What’s the Point Already?!

My goal with this blog is to chronicle my journey from complete novice to an expert. I’m hoping that I can bridge the worlds of fitness and wellness in a new way. Let’s break the traditional ideas of what it means to be “fit” and really break it down to what works best for an individual. 

I’d like to encourage women to approach fitness and health as a means of completely embracing themselves on a genuine mind, body, spirit level…obviously with squats because everyone wants an ass you could crush something with  😉

Future Chit Chats:

  • My personal journey through a 3 month fitness challenge (which starts in and hour…ek!)
  • Food and vitamin musings – Interesting things I’m learning about the stuff we put in our bodies
  • Curvy Girl Fit – Getting toned and keeping those curves 
  • Herbals – Herbs are so cool…you really have no idea…they fix everything yo
  • Embracing the power – examining the shifts you feel with yourself on all levels when you make a life style change

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for my next post where I will rant about how much my ass hurts from the class I’m about to take. 


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